Newsletter: December 2022

Newsletter: December 2022

DECEMBER 21, 2022 –

Small Change Fund’s Top Ten of 2022

Victory in Georges Bank: We were happy to support action that led to the extension of the moratorium banning oil and gas drilling on the biologically rich and productive Georges Bank, near Nova Scotia, for 10 years. This will protect ocean habitats and world-class fishing grounds.

Anishnabe-led Moose Research: After months of diligent research, the Anishnabe Knowledge and Governance for the Protection of Moose Populations in and around La Vérendrye Park, Quebec report was released. The study reinforces that moose populations in the area are declining due to sport hunting and deforestation, and emphasizes the need for an Anishnabe-led moose management plan.

100….and Counting! Last month, we reached 100 active projects under the Small Change Fund umbrella – quadrupling the number of projects we partnered on in 2021. We built on our strength in numbers during our Stop Sprawl and Greenbelt campaigns.

The Climate Countdown is On: This year, we continued our strong climate action through a diverse array of projects, including: ensuring a just transition with viable alternatives for fossil fuel workers and communities, advocating for stronger climate policy at the local and national level, making the connection between climate and youth mental health, engaging and educating communities on effective climate actions and supporting those on the front lines of climate change.

Protecting Old Growth Forest in BC: This year we were thrilled to continue supporting government relations work resulting in the protection of these critical forests. Now that the chainsaws have been stopped, we look forward to working towards a new overarching biodiversity law for B.C. in cooperation with local First Nations.

Helen Hutchison Nature Reserve Becomes Reality: This autumn, 275 metres of riverfront property were transferred as an Ecological Gift to the Town of Greater Napanee, protecting an area of great diversity and beauty for human and wildlife communities.

Save Our Greenbelt: In early November, we launched a full scale communications and engagement campaign to reverse the Provincial Government’s decision to remove 7,400 acres from Ontario’s beloved Greenbelt. We will continue to fight against this decision in 2023.

Putting the Brakes on Highway 413: We supported government relations efforts to secure a federal Environmental Assessment for the ill-conceived Highway 413.

A Win for Healthy Gardens! In June, the town of Smiths Falls, Ontario rescinded the order to destroy Beth and Craig Sinclair’s naturalized garden. This victory sets a precedent to help residents who are committed to restoring native urban nature. We continue to work with the Sinclairs to empower, educate and encourage communities and citizens across Canada to naturalize their yards.

Looking to the Future: Many of our projects to support the environment go hand in hand with supporting youth. We’re excited to move forward with projects like Get on the Bus, Next Child in the Woods and the Canadian Youth Climate Action Award. Each one of these projects had a strong 2022, whether through crowdfunding or successful grant applications. 

THANK YOU for your support for these projects and more, for supporting the people who are making a difference for nature, social justice and the climate across Canada. It is our privilege to work with you.

New Projects

We are closing out the year with several new projects, as well as many more already in progress for 2023!

Our Small Change Fund team together in person for the first time!

As you can see, this year was one for the record books. I would like to thank everyone for being part of our incredible success in 2022 and we look forward to a great 2023.

On behalf of our entire team, I hope your holidays are filled with happiness, health and gratitude.

In peace,



Small Change Fund


P.S. While the Ontario government’s decision to greenlight paving 7,400 acres of precious Greenbelt last week was devastating, we are not giving up. Stay tuned in 2023 for actions you can take to help us Save Our Greenbelt. In the meantime, tell your MPP and Doug Ford that you’re not giving up on the Greenbelt.

P.P.S. – Don’t forget to donate before December 31st to receive your 2022 tax receipt. Thank you!