About Small Change Fund

Want to change things around you? Then bring your change here.

Small Change Fund acts as a catalyst for individuals and grassroots organizations across Canada to improve the environment, reduce poverty, and promote reconciliation efforts.

We’re a capacity support engine, with a diverse staff of 28 experts working all over the country in both official languages and several Indigenous ones. Our crowdfunding platform is the core of our operations, and we also provide expertise in campaigning, fundraising, government relations and communications.

We’ve helped more than 270 organizations, as well as developing our own projects, which tackle climate change and promote youth transit among others.

So… if you like how we help ordinary people make extraordinary change happen…
Help us do it for more of them!

Our roster of partners has tripled in a few years, so we’re adding new people, offerings and technologies just as fast. It’s vital, but expensive. So if you’d like to help us keep saying yes! to all those hard-working change-makers out there, support our work with a donation to Small Change Fund right here.

Thank you!

It seems we’re pretty popular!

We are working with so many great projects and partners at the moment that we have decided to temporarily pause our new project intakes until Fall 2024. We will take this time to retool and improve some of our systems to serve our donors and project partners even better. Please touch base in mid-August if you have a project you would like to bring to Small Change Fund. 
In the meantime, we have many great projects to support here!

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