The next step in change.

When people want to change something, or support those doing it, what comes next is often a mystery. Since 2008, Small Change Fund has been the easy and effective way for communities across Canada to start right, continue strong and amplify their impact. And the smart way for people with vision to get behind them.

Our mission is to help people and communities improve the environment, reduce poverty and support reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. We do it by providing expert advice and an award-winning crowdfunding platform, as well as through our own community and communications projects. 

We’ve helped some 230 big, small and very small projects succeed, connected them to more than 5,000 donors, and helped raise over $3 million, including matched funds from corporate and foundation partners.

The experience we bring, which includes leading some of the country’s most prominent environmental organizations, is something most of our partners couldn’t access otherwise. We advise on communications, campaign planning, government relations, fundraising and lots more.

More than anything else, we’ve learned that people know best what’s needed to fix the problems in their community, province and country. So with humility and respect, we bring our skill and teamwork to help them achieve the awareness, action and results they’re after. We’re the next step in change.

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The Team

These are the folks helping Small Change Fund succeed. They are our Board members, staff, consultants, experts, and advisors. With their skills and talents, Small Change Fund is the next step in change.

Abbie Branchflower

Abbie got an early taste for advocacy when she became aware of the controversial management of American Mustangs in elementary school. She began writing letters to the government at eight years old and hasn’t stopped.

Abbie is Small Change Fund’s Communications Advisor, working with our partners to convey messages and actions for a more sustainable planet. She creates social media content, writes blogs and articles, and builds communications plans for our joint projects to amplify the voices of our partners.

Abbie grew up in Southern Ontario and now resides in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley. She attended Delaware Valley University, earning a BSc in Animal Sciences and minoring in English. She recently completed her MSc in Animal Biosciences, Behaviour and Welfare at the University of Guelph, focusing on ecology and conservation, and also worked for the university’s Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare as Social Media Specialist.

Abbie has a black rescue cat, Roxy, and a grey Appendix Quarter Horse named Keeper.

Adam Ballah

Adam has a Masters and Bachelors of Environmental Studies, both from the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. In his undergrad he focused on identifying and addressing risk and vulnerability associated with climate change; for his Masters he studied how modern technology mediates our experience of life.

Adam has been a community organizer and activist for as long as he can remember: working for Greenpeace and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee in Vancouver, participating in campaigns against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, and more recently attempting to address the highly polarized style of debate taking place via social media by organizing community socials addressing politically salient topics.

Adam brings an understanding of political strategy and discourse methods to his work with the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition’s communications, and a strong belief in the value of community. He has been a member of the SCGC since the start, and considers its work crucial to helping foster a healthier and more just society. As a valued member of the SCGC team, Adam works with Small Change Fund on the Growing the Greenbelt project.

Aisling Nolan

Aisling is a member of our board and has worked in the non-profit and social impact space for over a decade, designing, implementing, and managing local and large-scale projects locally and internationally. She’s had the pleasure of contributing to world-renowned organizations, working in disaster management, social enterprise, mental health, philanthropy consulting, and service design.

Andrea Visser

Andrea grew up in an oil community in Southern Alberta where she developed a love and respect for the outdoors and the importance of careful stewardship of the land. She realized early on that she wanted to spend her life living and working peacefully within nature’s intrinsic systems. 

Andrea studied environmental science and Geographic Information Systems and worked in the mining sector after completing her degree. As the Director of Operations and Administration at Iron & Earth, she now uses her skills and passion for the environment to help others transition their careers to the net-zero economy. One of Andrea’s favorite aspects of this role is connecting with workers across Canada who are passionate about putting their skills to work in service of their communities and our collective good. 

Andrea brings her skills and passion to Small Change Fund on the Climate Career Portal and Renewable Skills projects to empower fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers to create and implement climate solutions.

Burkhard Mausberg

A leader in Ontario’s environmental/food sector, Burkhard Mausberg has worked for non-profit groups for three decades. He was the founding CEO of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation and the Greenbelt Fund and CEO of several environmental organizations, including Environmental Defence and Great Lakes United, which he transformed into essential forces for change. He’s served on the boards of NGOs and Government agencies/commissions.

As President of Small Change Fund, Burkhard works closely with grassroots organizations, provides expert fundraising advice and creates innovative programs to propel change. He leads our efforts at sustainable development through preserving, conserving and protecting the environment, fighting poverty, and informing the public.

Burkhard also inspires change by mentoring young talent to become skillful leaders. He writes extensively on vital issues in diverse settings, and in 2017 published the critically acclaimed book Ontario’s Greenbelt: Protecting and Cultivating a Great Ontario Treasure (Barlow Books).

Burkhard studied environmental science at the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto, where he also taught for eight years.

Dan Hendry

Dan Hendry has a simple but powerful model to transform public transportation and it starts with training youth. His success in Kingston, Ontario with on-bus orientation and free passes increased high school ridership from 28,000 to close to 600,000 annually. Dan is now working with Small Change Fund to apply Kingston’s model to cities across Canada through the Youth Transit Program. Dan’s concern for the environment is what drives him to take initiative in promoting sustainable solutions within the Kingston community and beyond. His combined interest in sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship, student mentorship, and community have been well integrated into his personal, academic, and professional experiences.

Dan’s credentials include a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), a Bachelor of Commerce from Royal Roads University and an International Business Diploma from Seneca College. In Sweden at BTH, Dan studied under Dr. Karl Henrik Robèrt, the founder of the Natural Step. Dan spent a couple of years teaching English in South Korea and is an active volunteer with YourTV and the local Canadian Red Cross Disaster Management Team.

Dani Lindamood

Dani Lindamood has worked across multiple sectors, including social enterprise, academia, and the nonprofit sector. With Wellington Water Watchers since 2019, she has a successful track record of program development, funding, and implementing digital tools for community engagement, as well as supporting grassroots campaigns. Dani holds a Masters of Environmental Management with a focus on water resources, as well as a certificate in Collaborative Water Management. She loves working on the Water For Life, Not Profit project because water touches all life and grounds us to be in the right relationship with nature and each other.

Daphne-Anne Takpanie

Olepika Takpanie Kiguktak (Daphne-Anne Takpanie, she/her) was born in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Of Inuk origin, she has spent most of her life in Quebec. Olepika is currently a student at the University of Montreal in philanthropic management and is involved with many organizations, including Puamun Meshkenu, as a youth ambassador. She is also currently the Indigenous Organizing Coordinator with the Climate Justice Organizing Hub.

Olepeka was involved for a long time in the environmental movement, in particular participating in several marches against fossil fuel projects and sitting on the board of directors of the Coule Pas Chez Nous Foundation, before realizing that she was not putting her energy in the right places. It was then that she founded YIWA (Young Indigenous Women Action), which aims to organize programs related to the land specifically for Indigenous women. Through YIWA, she wishes to provide young women with the necessary tools for the future of their peoples and their environments. There is an urgent need to repair the consequences colonization has on Indigenous women. As it seems to be a difficult and constant battle to claim reparations directly from the current system, she prefers to create change here and now: “We must deconstruct to better rebuild”.

David Love

David Love is on our board and has been raising money, mostly for the environment, for over 50 years. His current obsession is helping organizations reap the benefit of the coming legacy tsunami. David inspired his first legacy gift in 1982. He shepherded his most recent one yesterday.

After fundraising from 1969 – 2012 for a number of charities, largely environmental organizations, he now occasionally works with his daughter’s direct response company, Agents of Good, where he is affectionately known as “The Godfather of Good.”

In 2013, the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter recognized his efforts by awarding him their lifetime achievement award. Far from marking the end of David’s career, this recognition spurns him on to be a better fundraiser every day. He does that by continuing to put donors first.

David lives near the Love Mountain Nature Reserve in Happy Valley Forest just north of Toronto. He spends his time there with his wife, children, grandchildren, and golden retriever discovering the magic of the forest.

David’s book summarizing lessons learned in 51 years of fundraising is available at Enter SN20 at checkout for a 20% discount.

Franz Hartmann

Franz collaborates with Small Change Fund on select projects as our Special Advisor in Community Engagement. Franz was the Executive Director of the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) for eleven years. Under his leadership, TEA succeeded in getting key environmental policies adopted at City Hall, including a new climate action plan and a zero waste plan. Franz expanded TEA’s community engagement activities in all areas of the city, and enlisted many non-environmental community partners.

He served as Chair of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance for four years and helped the Alliance build vast community support for the Greenbelt. He is currently serving as the OGA Coordinator.
Prior to working at TEA, Franz was the Environmental Advisor to City Councillor Jack Layton and oversaw Jack’s civil society engagement activities in Ottawa.

He has taught numerous environmental policies courses at the University of Toronto and is regularly asked to deliver lectures and talks across Ontario. Franz has a PhD in Political Science at York University, enjoys science fiction and wood working, and lives in Toronto.

Ian Borsuk

Ian is the Climate Campaign Coordinator at Environment Hamilton, pushing for the City of Hamilton to tackle the climate emergency head-on. He is passionate about advocating for a resilient and adaptable Hamilton in the face of a changing global climate through good municipal policy on transit, green infrastructure, and more. As a member of Environment Hamilton, Ian works with Small Change Fund on issues related to climate action including the Neighbourhood Climate Action Project. Ian is deeply invested in empowering others to engage with local governance. He can also be found wearing other hats, organizing and taking action on issues of environmental, economic, and social justice.

Jacqueline Tam

Jacqueline Lee-Tam (she/her) grew up on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations, in so-called Vancouver as a settler of Chinese descent. She now resides in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). She has organized around pipeline resistance, fossil fuel divestment and mutual aid and is passionate about community care and dreaming into practice the world we want to live in. She studied Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies at McGill University. Jacqueline works with Small Change Fund as Co-director of the Climate Justice Organizing Hub.

Jim Diorio

Whether it’s developing creative strategies and executions, positioning an organization to command attention and stand out, or translating a founder’s vision into words they can get behind, Jim’s strategic and creative skills move supporters, stakeholders and consumers alike.

As Creative Director/Writer, Jim helps both Small Change Fund and its partners with creative ideas, writing and strategies across all platforms, from speeches to social. Recognized with dozens of international creative awards, Jim has worked on hundreds of Canadian non-profits in addition to corporate and government clients. For over 10 years he was Vice-President and Creative Director of Manifest Communications, a social marketing pioneer.

In his non-existent spare time, Jim enjoys running and kayaking and has just published his first book

Joyce Chau

Joyce serves on our board and is an award-winning senior leader in the non-profit environmental sector. Her proven success is based on a deep work ethic, strategic thinking, creativity and a collaborative approach.

Louis Ramirez

Louis’ (he/him) activism began at 16, by organizing direct actions against tuition fee increases in the UK. After a detour in philosophy and brand strategy, he returned to activism by co-founding Extinction Rebellion Quebec. Following six months in the States with The Climate Mobilization, he now divides his time between solidarity work for the Kanehsata:ke Land Defence, the Climate Justice Organizing Hub, and freelance political communications work.

Lourdenie Jean

As a graduate from Lionel-Groulx College in 2017, Lourdenie (she/her) is passionate about social sciences, mainly sociology, psychology and anthropology. She is currently strengthening her experience on the field by working in the community sector on macro and micro levels. In the past few years, she invested her time into personal projects like L’environnement, c’est intersectionnel (The environment is intersectional), an initiative that combines arts, social engagement and popular education. An intersectional feminist, speaker and community worker, she focuses on anything that touches sociology, anti-oppression and social justice. Lourdenie works with Small Change Fund as a trainer within the Climate Justice Organizing Hub.

Luisa Da Silva

Luisa brings over 20 years of diverse experience in the energy, mining, education, and not-for-profit sectors. She began her career in the fossil fuel industry of northern Alberta, and has been influenced by her mining experiences in Canada and abroad. After a successful career as a professional geoscientist, Luisa moved to the United Kingdom to pursue an Executive Master’s of Business Administration. While in the UK, Luisa managed digital transformations at a leading private school. After her return to her hometown in Ontario, she worked in the not-for-profit sector with one of Canada’s top environmental charities.

In her spare time, Luisa is an outdoor enthusiast and spends as much time in nature as possible; transitioning to green solutions has been a life journey. Along the way, Luisa has learned that she is enthusiastic about educating others and enabling them to transition to fulfilling careers. She is thrilled to work with Small Change Fund on the Climate Career Portal and Renewable Skills projects.

Margaret Prophet

Margaret has a Bachelor of Education, specialized in Adult Education, and a BA of Psychology from Brock University. She worked in the corporate education sector for seven years at a director level, including as Director of Communications and Operations. Margaret decided to pursue her love of community and environment by volunteering for her local ratepayers association (Midhurst Ratepayers’ Association) while taking time to raise her family. This led to her getting involved with complex land-use planning matters and municipal politics as the Communications Director for the association. Her work led to enlisting the support of Margaret Atwood, Maude Barlow and David Crombie in support of the MRA’s call to protect the internationally significant Minesing Wetlands from urban sprawl. In late 2015, Margaret and Sandy Agnew founded the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition (SCGC) with 15 like-minded groups from across the region in support of an expanded Greenbelt. Today, as co-founder of the SCGC, Margaret is proud to partner with Small Change Fund on the Growing the Greenbelt project working towards gaining permanent protection for Ontario’s sensitive habitats.

Mary McGrath

Mary is the boss: the Chair of the Board. Her passion is building and nurturing effective social profit organizations to create sustainable communities. She is the Co-Founder of Small Change Fund and currently is the Executive Director of Green Learning.

Meghan Clout

Meghan is the Communications Manager for the Water for Life, Not Profit project. Meghan is a University of Guelph alumni with a degree in environmental governance. Her experience as an aquatic biologist during her undergrad solidified her passion for water. Shortly after graduation, Meghan started her career in the ENGO world working in communications. Meghan grew up in Northern Ontario, on the shore of lake Nipissing, where her interests in all things outside and riverside began. She enjoys backcountry camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing and is an avid rock climber. “I do this work because everyone and everything deserves clean, drinkable, swimmable water. Water is life, we are water.”

Mike Balkwill

Mike Balkwill provides strategic direction to all the work encompassed in the Water For Life, Not Profit project. Mike’s approach to campaigning inspires hope. In Mike’s 40 years of campaign and community organizing experience, he has supported numerous communities to turn what seem to be “done deals” into victories with broad public benefits. Mike tells communities that while a campaign to mobilize broad public engagement will not guarantee a community can win, not trying to do so may guarantee failure in their efforts to protect water and the environment. Mike is the co-author of the Campaign Planning Handbook, publisher of CommonAct Press, and has lectured at colleges and universities on community organizing, social change and social movements.

Pratik Arora

With over a decade of experience in branding, brand building, design, and technology, Pratik leads Small Change Fund’s digital strategy as our Digital Strategy Director. He uses his extensive experience to give us an online presence that leads change through our branding, website design and crowdfunding technology.

Pratik’s interest in the intersection of technology and storytelling has taken him through many different roles. He’s founded multiple startups and has created a podcast listening app. In his spare time, he likes to write, paint, and take long walks along the Ottawa river.

Pratik is an alumnus of the University of Delhi and Algonquin College. He is passionate about new media, especially podcasts, and has created multiple chart-topping shows.

Sarah Ceci

Sarah was born and raised in Southern Ontario and has a background in accounting. At the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) she completed a Bachelor of Commerce and minored in environmental science. Sarah recently graduated with a Master of Science in UTM’s Sustainability Management program, as she felt the call “to do more for people and the planet.”

As Small Change Fund Community Coordinator, Sarah’s work focuses primarily on partner and donor relations. She brings her passion for environmental and social justice to helping our partners and team reach the various goals of our joint projects.

Sarah is an avid gardener who takes a holistic approach to her favourite pastime, growing both edible and non-edible plants, making use of natural fertilizers, and employing biodynamic practices to promote pollinators and allow her plants to “flourish and nourish myself, my family, and my community.”

Tom Liacas

Prior to founding our joint project, the Climate Justice Organizing Hub, Tom (he/him) worked as an advocacy mobilization consultant serving NGOs in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. As a researcher and analyst, he has released several reports on emerging campaign practices and publishes frequently in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. To share knowledge openly with other campaigners, Tom devotes his volunteer hours to bottom-lining the Blueprints for Change network, which produces free “how-to” guides for progressive change makers.

Zoyanne Cote

Zoyanne (she/her) is a student minoring in Indigenous Studies at the University of Montreal. As an organizer of many years within diverse struggles, she works towards a movement that is decolonial, anti-capitalist and feminist. She has been part of the Climate Justice Organizing Hub team since April as the Communications and Events Coordinator in so-called Quebec.