Northumberland County’s rural and agricultural lands are at risk from unsustainable development.

For example, a Quebec-based developer is proposing to build 800 homes on 196 aces of prime farmland in Alnwick-Haldimand Township.

Once we lose agricultural land, we can never get it back! Help us save Northumberland County’s rural and agricultural lands and support sustainable development in our communities. Donate today!

Northumberland County, Canada

Save Our Northumberland County Farmland

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We are working to protect and preserve rural and agricultural lands and lifestyles in Northumberland County while supporting sustainable development.

Our first goal is to prevent a Quebec-based developer from building 800 homes on 196 acres of beautiful, agricultural land in Alnwick-Haldimand Township on Lake Ontario, 15 km east of the town of Cobourg.

We’re part way there thanks to a vigorous 2022 municipal election campaign that saw the election of a majority of supportive councillors! You can help us realize our goal by donating today!

We’ll keep working with Township and County residents and municipal officials to reach consensus on what development should be allowed in the Township and the County. Among other considerations, the size, location and type of development must be acceptable to, and well-understood by, residents before projects are permitted.

Every acre of agricultural land that gets turned into commercial, industrial or residential usage is an acre that we’ll never get back. So, please contribute towards making sure that our land use decisions are driven, not just by profit, but by sustainability and a real understanding of the value of rural and agricultural land.

Help us save Northumberland County’s farmland before it’s too late – donate today!


In partnership with Northumberland Rural Coalition.

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