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The 2020s are the decisive decade to save lives and biodiversity and get on the path to building the world we want in the time we have.

Right now, we are far behind on the mitigation and preparation action required to get there.

This work can’t happen fast enough in communities across Canada.

The costs of inaction are escalating loss of life and human suffering, especially among the world’s most marginalized, and escalating ecological devastation.

Resilient Together is about building a different future, together. Your donation will help us get there.

Thank you!

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Resilient Together: building climate safe communities

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The next decade will determine whether communities in Canada are prepared – or not – for the increasing extreme weather effects of climate change. 

We need to act now to save lives, protect our homes and communities, and mitigate the high costs of extreme weather damage.

But research shows that while the majority of people support climate action, most feel disconnected from climate impacts and are unsure of what they can do to prepare their households or contribute to larger climate solutions.

Resilient Together is a fresh approach to personalize climate impacts, turn individual concern into collective action, and build the strong, active climate majority we all need. This approach has already been tested and has demonstrated value to people who are already engaged on climate change, but are unsure what to do next.

Now, Resilient Together is connecting with communities who are often left out of climate conversations to build strong, climate safe communities together. 

With your help, we can reach three key communities in 2023:

  • urban and suburban newcomers, many of whom face significant climate impacts from heat and flood
  • people on the “rural front lines” in areas most prone to extreme climate impacts
  • suburban communities who are key to lowering emissions in our communities

With your donation, we’ll build an enduring foundation for the strong, active climate majority we all need for a safe climate future. Can you chip in today?

In partnership with My Climate Plan.