Help us bring together researchers, impacted communities and climate organizers across Canada to collaborate on research and communications that actively support the fight for climate and environmental justice.

Our project will provide training and opportunities for students and researchers to enable them to directly contribute towards climate and environmental justice. Donate today to support this crucial work!

The Environmental Justice Research Alliance (EJRA)

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Climate change and industrial pollution disproportionately affect Indigenous, racialized, low-income, and other marginalized communities. Grassroots movements and impacted communities across Canada are standing up and building a powerful force for transformative change. They are working hard to oppose unjust and unsustainable industries and they are dreaming up and implementing beautiful alternatives that forge the way towards a just climate future for all.

But these movements and communities are under-resourced and often do not have the time to conduct research, gather data and engage in strategic communications that could strengthen their work. Meanwhile, there are many students and researchers in universities across Canada that would love to do research that supports transformative change but don’t know how to get started or who to offer support to.

That’s where our project comes in. The Environmental Justice Research Alliance (EJRA) is an initiative to train a growing network of students and researchers across Canada. We will provide them with opportunities to collaborate on research and communications that directly serve climate and environmental movements and impacted communities. Through this project we equip students and researchers with the skills, connections and resources to actively support community and movement-led efforts to build a more socially just and ecologically viable Canada.

Donations towards this project will help more students and researchers acquire the necessary skills to conduct community and movement-led research. More support will mean more communities served!

Donate now to help us transform this country away from extractive, exploitative systems towards systems of regeneration and care for people and for the planet.

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