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Get on the Bus is a national movement to support communities investing in youth transit education and free youth passes. With encouragement, mastery of transit tools and a bus pass, students gain independence and confidence that improves their lives and, in turn, their communities.

Inspired by the internationally-recognized success in Kingston, Ontario, we are bringing these benefits anywhere a bus goes. Could your community be next? 

Donate today and help us get more communities on the bus!

Ontario, Canada

Get on the Bus: Inspiring a Youth Transit Revolution

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In 2012, Kingston, Ontario applied a simple yet powerful model to transform public transit. It started with youth: give them a free bus pass and teach them what to do with it. In the past decade, this program has revolutionized the way the Kingston community sees mobility. In fact, the 2016 Census found Kingston had the highest proportion of people using sustainable transportation, as well as the highest percentage of commuters using active transportation and public transit out of all census metropolitan areas. 

Communities across Canada are eager to replicate this award-winning program and we launched Get on the Bus to make that happen. We are coordinating a national movement to support and connect these communities so that they can bring the countless benefits seen in Kingston home.

Benefits such as:

  • Lowering the cost of school programs;
  • Reducing air pollution and traffic congestion;
  • Making it easy to support local businesses;
  • Creating lifelong transit users;
  • Providing youth from all backgrounds access to life-enriching opportunities;
  • Building confidence and encouraging independent travel;
  • Boosting participation in cultural programs and expanding employment opportunities;
  • Increasing access to community resources and services;
  • And so much more!

 You can help us bring these benefits anywhere a bus goes – please donate today!


Photograph provided by Limestone District School Board.

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