To support the scaling of the youth transit programming best practices developed in Kingston which included no cost passes for youth, unlimited local travel as well as on bus youth transit training.

Ontario, Canada

Get on the Bus: Inspiring a Youth Transit Revolution

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The City of Kingston applied a simple yet powerful model to transform public transit. It started with youth: give them a free pass and teach them what to do with it.

And with that, the City increased annual high school ridership from 28,000 to almost 600,000 in six years (pre-Covid numbers). Indeed, Kingston has recorded the highest proportion of people using sustainable transportation, with the highest proportion of commuters using active transportation and public transit (30.4%).

The nature and design of the Kingston Transit High School Bus Pass Program has led to many benefits:
● promoting social equity by providing all high school students with free access to public transit;
● improving quality of life for students through increased access, opportunity, choice and freedom;
● increasing affordable access to cooperative education and experiential learning;
● generating cost savings and more efficient delivery of co-op, field trips and community education programs; and
● reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improving air quality and reducing traffic congestion.

we want to replicate this award-winning program, and the associated benefits, across Canada by engaging the key leaders who transformed public transit in Kingston.

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