No one is coming to save us. It’s up to everyone who is worried about climate change to work together to make a difference. To make that happen, we need a place to express our care and turn it into collective action. We need a setting which provides a continually positive experience to encourage long term commitment so we can achieve successful projects. Climate Circles is based in the geographically unique Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia. We meet weekly to support people in achieving the grassroots climate project outcomes we all hope for.

Wolfville, NS, Canada

Climate Circles: Weekly Action Meetings to Sustain Grassroots Climate Work

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The Annapolis Valley is a geographically unique region of Nova Scotia which will require its own unique solutions to prepare it for the climate challenges ahead. And it’s up to every one of us to do our part.

Climate Circles is a project to help Nova Scotians build community and see that they are not alone in their climate concerns and desire to act. We host facilitated, weekly action meetings in Wolfville, Nova Scotia that are intentionally structured to encourage fun, effective, inclusive and supportive sessions that address the topics most relevant and motivating to those in attendance. Donate today to support local, grassroots efforts towards climate action!

While we may be caught in a common storm, we are not all in the same boat. Climate Circles is a safe space where everyone is actively welcomed to unlearn from unjust systems and to dream up and begin work on projects that no one person could take on alone. It is a place where we believe everyone has something to offer to the movement and that it is our collective job to figure out how to make space for everyone to contribute. We acknowledge that the causes and solutions of the climate crisis are deeply bound up with struggles against unjust, extractive systems and cannot be tackled in isolation. We aim to build foundational communities that can help create and sustain local climate action projects.

Collective climate action requires learning new ways of being and thinking that supports continued patient, generous and effective involvement. It also means identifying all the reasons people might get discouraged and stop attending meetings. It means anticipating and responding to these reasons so meaningful, grassroots climate-responsive action can thrive. The Climate Circle facilitators are both proactive and responsive in creating a system which provides gentle structure, just-in-time training, celebrations, fun, hands-on projects and more to ensure that participants’ needs are met as they continue to build climate responsive community projects.

But we can’t do it alone. This unique grassroots project needs your help so that we can foster climate change action in Nova Scotia, Mi’kma’ki and beyond. Donate today to support our efforts!

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