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The Climate Justice Organizing HUB is a support structure for grassroots organizers across so-called Canada. At a time when we need the climate justice movement to grow quickly and scale up its power, the HUB provides vital coaching, capacity-building and convening services to movement leaders and their groups. This connective tissue strengthens our movements today and ensures that the next tipping points on climate and social justice will be powerful enough to bring about systemic changes our collective futures depend on.

>>Project details and impact reporting available in this 2-page PDF linked here.

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Support youth climate justice activists across Canada

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In September of 2019, youth-led grassroots organizing brought 500 000 people onto the streets of Montreal to raise the alarm around the climate crisis and even drew a special visit from Greta Thunberg on the big day.

How can we rebuild and even exceed this momentum across the country, as the crisis progresses and the pandemic hampers established approaches? How can the movements around climate justice merge with those for social justice and Indigenous rights going forward? The Climate Justice Organizing HUB works with organizers in all parts of Canada to face up to these challenges.

Through responsive troubleshooting, skills and strategy sharing, and other capacity-building activities, the HUB serves as a support structure designed around the needs of grassroots social movement organizers.

With your support, we can scale up to deliver workshops and convene learning circles for thousands of organizers across Canada. We can bring much needed capacity to the grassroots level that is typically overlooked and underserved by those holding resources in the environmental movement.

We can become a stable, nurturing and generative network that ensures the sustainability of grassroots movements by addressing organizers’ first-order challenges and offering strategic and material resources to support their work.

Please donate today to support the groundswell of people dreaming climate justice into a reality.

>>Full project details and impact reporting available in this 2-page PDF linked here.

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