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In Inverhuron, 4.15 acres of pristine woodland and important wildlife habitat are in danger of being lost to development. A large-scale subdivision like the one proposed for this site does not belong right next to the Inverhuron Provincial Park, on land that hosts a fish sanctuary, old-growth forest and multiple species at risk. Please help us protect this fragile natural environment and set an important precedent for preserving natural heritage in Inverhuron!

Inverhuron, ON, Canada

Protect Environmentally Sensitive Lands in Inverhuron: Stop the Tidman Development!

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In Inverhuron, 4.15 acres of pristine woodland and critical wildlife habitat are in immediate danger of being destroyed. The site selected for the Tidman development is immediately adjacent to the Inverhuron Provincial Park, a natural haven that is protected for good reason. The Tidman subdivision would consist of up to 80 housing units, a multiple-storey commercial building and a parking lot area. This development would destroy a natural environment that is home to a great variety of wildlife, including endangered and threatened species such as the Little Brown Myotis bat, the Eastern Meadowlark, and the Monarch butterfly. It would also likely cause irreversible damage to the Little Sauble River fishery, which is currently designated as a Fish Sanctuary. Development of this kind risks detriment to the entire surrounding ecosystem.

In September 2023, Bruce County Council approved the Tidman subdivision, completely ignoring a community petition over 200 signatures opposing the development. As a last resort we have filed an application for judicial review. Our goal is to obtain a court ruling that would prevent the Tidman development from going forward without, at minimum, further consideration of its environmental impacts. An open hearing on the matter is expected to be scheduled in the coming months. 

We will not give up, but we need your help. We require funding for legal counsel and environmental experts. Please support us in our fight to protect and preserve this land, water and critical wildlife habitat!

We believe it is possible to meet the growing housing need through thoughtful, environmentally responsible development by containing growth within urban boundaries and preventing the kind of sprawl a development such as this one represents. The Tidman subdivision is just the beginning of a trend of destruction, due to increasing development pressure in the area. If we can prevent the Tidman development from going forward, other similarly problematic projects may be stopped in their tracks. 

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You can read more about this case and the Tidman development proposal here.