The Small’s Creek & Williamson ravines are about to have 268 trees removed including ten magnificent old growth red oaks and basswood, permanently altering their ecosystem.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Help Toronto Save its Green Spaces from Destruction

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The plans for rail expansion in Toronto’s Lakeshore East corridor will relieve congestion and improve public transportation. And that is a sensible thing to do in the age of climate change.

Yet the provincial agency in charge, Metrolinx, is planning to destroy the sensitive ecosystem of Small’s Creek Ravine and Williamson Park Ravine in doing so.

This is an opportunity for Metrolinx to create a model for sustainable city building by working with the affected community in finding ways to protect, and even revitalize, these greenspaces as part of their construction work.

An estimated 268 trees are slated for removal! Please donate today to help us stop this.

Cutting the trees in the ravines could start before this Spring, including majestic oaks that are over 100 years old, to be replaced by a 400ft long concrete wall. All this, without any real public input or consideration for the effects on the ravine or the community.

All donations will be used to convince Metrolinx and the Ford government to pause this project and find a better solution with the community by working with engineers, arborists and forestry experts. The donations will also cover various awareness campaign expenses such as flyers, lawn signs, buttons and more.


Please help us with your tax-deductible donation and send a message to Metrolinx!

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