Ontario is losing farmland at the rate of 175 acres per day. Under the shroud of Covid19 and while we were distracted, the Province changed the rule book on land use planning and now thousands of acres of productive farmland surrounding our city is on the chopping block. This land grab of prime agricultural soil for low density, car dependent communities would be irreversible. Here in Hamilton, we have some of the best farmland in Canada. More than 3300 acres of productive class 1, 2, 3 soil farmland is at risk of being handed over to developers to be paved over for expensive subdivisions. But Hamilton has plenty of room to grow and flourish within our current urban boundary! We need your help to fight urban sprawl and save our precious farmland because once it is gone, we can’t get it back. We want to ensure that Hamilton City Council makes the responsible choice for our city and votes for No urban boundary expansion for Hamilton.

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We are urging residents to stand up to costly and inefficient urban sprawl. The City of Hamilton has mailed a survey to all residents asking them how they would like Hamilton to grow over the next 30 years.

Together with our partner, Sustainable Steeltown HamOnt, we are urging residents to choose Option 2: No Urban Boundary Expansion Scenario.

But this work needs money, so please donate today!

Hamilton City staff are pushing for costly urban sprawl that will allow developers to pave over valuable farmland, something developers have been lobbying City Hall on for years. Urban sprawl is both economically and environmentally unsustainable and while developers make significant profits off sprawl, existing residents end up footing the bill for servicing costs through increases to property taxes year over year.

There are plenty of opportunities to grow within the existing urban boundary, providing a mix of detached housing, townhouses, apartments and condos. This type of careful planned growth will make better use of existing infrastructure, including roads, sewers and parks, while preserving valuable agricultural land. Further, it will help build more vibrant neighbourhoods, support better transit and help keep schools open.

We need your help to stand up for local food and farmers, clean air and water, and for efficient planning. So please donate today.