Please assist in the preservation of the Forks of the Credit and surrounding area where the largest cement company in the world wants to develop a 100 ft deep blasting MEGA quarry in a 1200+ acre site, permanently mutilating the area.

Caledon, Canada

Preserving the Forks of the Credit

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A Brazilian based cement company is preparing an application for a Mega Quarry, up to 900 acres in size, for a blasting mine to extract dolomite stone, which is buried up to 100ft down below the current water table. The project will stretch from the village of Cataract to the edges of Alton on both sides of Highway 124. The process will require a dry quarry bottom which means millions of liters of wastewater per day will have to be pumped into the Credit River. In the village of Cataract all homes rely on private wells for their water. The removal of the dolomite and subsequent water table alterations will damage, for eternity, the ground water, and wells in the area. The Credit River will be adversely affected by changes in temperature and volume south of Cataract, potentially eradicating local fisheries.

True rehabilitation of the depleted quarry is simply not possible. The project will leave a gaping wound on the surface of the earth for the next 10,000 years.

This project will last over 60 years and will potentially create health and safety issues including carcinogenic dust, noise, vibration from blasting and processing, flyrock from the explosions that can travel 2-3000 ft onto public roadways, hundreds of houses and three adjacent golf courses, endangering unwitting members of the public.

There is a primary school in the village of Alton and thousands of trucks from this quarry will pass through Alton as one of the designated haulage routes. The alternate route is through the villages of Caledon and Erin.

Thousands of people now visit the adjacent golf courses, the 700-acre Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, hiking trails of the Trans Canada Trail, Bruce Trail, the Cataract to Elora trail, Belfountain Conservation Area, Brimstone hiking trails and Alton’s The Grange walking Trail. In addition, the Caledon Ski Club, The Caledon Mountain Trout Club and local and visiting fly fisherman using the Credit River all benefit from these well-managed local amenities.

This is a popular recreational area for the Region of Peel and the entire GTA. The proposed quarry will eternally and permanently erase all the work done by so many people to make this area special.

The money raised here will be used to oppose the quarry and ensure that this area remains and grows as a significant recreational area.   We’ll be hiring numerous experts to guide our elected politicians at the municipal, regional, and provincial level to stop this activity within the GTA and preserve this area for everyone to enjoy.

PLEASE DONATE NOW.   All monies donated will receive a tax receipt.