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Great songwriting and music have an ability to touch our hearts and transform us. A great song can be a call to action and a catalyst for change. 

This project will bring the music sector together to work on climate solutions (both through the Music Climate Summit and supporting climate conversations and activities at major music events), support artists to create art that addresses climate and ecological themes and support musicians to use their platforms to raise awareness and push for urgent action to address the ecological and climate emergency.  Working in partnership with Music Declares Emergency Canada, we want to harness the influence of music to make cultural changes and to tell a different story and envision a better future.

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Mobilize Music to Address the Ecological and Climate Emergency

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This project aims to facilitate using the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better, more regenerative future.  The project’s intent is to activate, organize and mobilize musicians, music labels, festivals, and other parts of the music sector ecosystem across Canada to engage in the climate and ecological emergency and to mobilize the power and influence of the music sector to push for a rapid ecological transition.

In 2024, we launched the The Environmental Music Awards t0 celebrate new music that addresses themes related to the ecological and climate emergency and recognize and celebrate musicians who use their talents to raise awareness about environmental issues or contribute to sustainability efforts. The awards will also honour people working behind the scenes to make the music industry less impactful and more ecologically sustainable. The awards formally launched with a concert on March 17th, 2024 in Halifax, Nova Scotia and will take place in late 2024 or early 2025.

Your donation strengthens our belief in the power of music and allows musicians and music businesses to lead the way in demanding the systemic changes required to secure all life on earth. With your help music can make a difference. Please donate today.


In partnership with Music Declares Emergency Canada