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Climate change isn’t funny. And that’s a problem. Because when people are laughing, they’re listening.

Hot Globe is an interview-parody-rant online show that exposes the real stories and bad actors behind the climate crises in Canada and worldwide. We take on and talk back to everyone on all sides of the crisis, and give people simple, practical ways to get involved in making things better. And we do it for laughs. Except, of course, when it’s serious, which it always is. But even then, we still go for laughs. 

Nobody keeps their cool under the Hot Globe! 

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Hot Globe takes on and talks back to players in every area of power in the climate change world – governments, businesses, even the greenies themselves – poking holes in their arguments and actions so that people will know the real deal.

Why comedy? 

Because this crisis needs way more attention and engagement from way more people, and humour has the ability to break through where other kinds of approaches can’t. 

Most of what people see about climate change has the same tone and approach, making the chances of something standing out unlikely. And a lot of climate-related topics, though well-known in the climate-change community, can be a little dry or even out of reach for the average audience. 

Hot Globe simplifies and contextualizes the issues, all while bringing a much-needed dose of humour to the party. We also give people simple, practical things to do in each episode, like signing up as a fan, learning more about specific issues, and even being directed to great Small Change Fund projects that are taking action against the issues we cover.

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What does it look like?

Well, to begin with we have a very cool sign. It looks like a… hot globe. Hilarious and talented improvisers portray bad actors like nefarious land developers, corrupt politicians and even unrealistic greenies. They’re “grilled” with questions by the host, and the absurdity of their answers helps expose the actions behind the anti-climate events we cover.

We review topics that are current in climate news and in the zeitgeist, that people are thinking and hearing about… we riff off super-hot current events we find the climate angle in… we tackle climate action policies, political realities, upcoming climate meetings… and we cover “evergreen” topics: ongoing climate pressure points that we have the opportunity to clear the air about, as well as topics that are really dry and need comedy to get noticed.

Did we mention our sign? It lights up! We know you want to see more of it, so donate today to help keep the shows coming.

Who’s behind it?

The actors, director and writers of Hot Globe are some of the brightest lights in Canadian comedy, led by host and showrunner, Miguel Rivas. As our host he’s incredulous, a serious newsman who prides himself on professionalism and keeping it together, but he also gets riled up pretty quickly. Miguel is an actor, writer and producer best known for co-anchoring three seasons of the CTV satirical news program The Beaverton, and most recently played Detective Dustin Chase on three seasons of CBC’s Pretty Hard Cases.

The interviewees, also writers for the show, are all ridiculous, and Miguel is the man to expose them. He’s your go-to for understanding the who’s-it’s and what’s-it’s of a maddening world. 

Hot Globe headwriter, Alex Tindal, has been described as “sensitive” by the Globe & Mail. He is balding and divorced.

Of course, Small Change Fund is also on the Hot Globe team: the show is executive produced by Small Change Fund President Burkhard Mausberg, coordinated by our Communications and Project Manager, Abbie Branchflower McLaughlin, and creative directed by our Chief Storyteller Jim Diorio.

Where can I see it?

Right here! As well as on YouTube, with special cuts on TikTok and Instagram. Don’t forget to follow our playlists and socials, and keep an eye on the Hot Globe website!

You can help keep the Globe burning!

Wait, that didn’t come out right.      

We meant to say that we’re looking for like-minded people to support us — people who agree that this crisis needs a new way to break through and reach entirely new audiences — so our talented team can keep writing, directing, producing and promoting Hot Globe. And with so many issues to cover, we plan to keep the globe red-ho… keep producing shows for a long time.

If you’d like to see more Hot Globe, you can donate whatever you’d like through this page. Thank you for helping us turn up the heat!


Hot Globe is produced by Small Change Fund.

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