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We need your help to protect the Greenbelt, now and for the future!

Ontario, Canada

Keep the Greenbelt Promise

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Although the Ontario Government promised to keep the Greenbelt protected for future generations, they continue to push ahead with their plans to give it away to development interests. And now they’re doubling down on that plan, even in light of the highly critical Auditor General’s report released in August 2023.

Essential agricultural lands, wetlands and natural areas are at risk, and the dissolution of the whole Greenbelt system is very possible if the current decision is allowed to stand. We have benefited from the myriad of services the Greenbelt provides for over 20 years now…other countries are rushing to build greenbelts around their major urban centres, recognizing their value in addressing climate change.

As the Auditor General’s report points out – this is not about affordable housing, there is enough land in existing building sites, close to services and places of employment, to provide the housing the people of Ontario need.

So, join us to help reverse the current decision to remove Greenbelt lands from protection and safeguard this gem for now and the future. Your support will help us organize a network of grassroots organizations to stop development in the Greenbelt and get their voices, and yours, heard all the way to the Premier’s office.

Help us save the Greenbelt by contributing to the Keep the Greenbelt Promise campaign!