Demand A Moratorium Now!

We demand the Ontario government takes action to protect lives, communities and the environment from the devastating impacts of the gravel mining industry.

We demand the Ontario government impose a moratorium on all new applications for gravel mining in Ontario, including interim orders. This moratorium should include all site plan amendments for mining below the water table or that increase licensed tonnages.

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Ontario, Canada

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We need a new approach to managing and regulating gravel mining in Ontario to limit greater climate chaos, fulfill constitutional obligations for consultation with Indigenous Nations and restore democratic participation in local planning. The first step is to impose an immediate moratorium on all new applications for gravel mining in Ontario.

A moratorium would allow time to conduct a broad consultation process to chart a new path forward for gravel mining in the province. This consultation must include Indigenous Nations, affected communities, independent experts and scientists.  The new path forward should:

  • Honour Treaties with Indigenous Nations, and obligations as prescribed in the Constitution of Canada
  • Prevent greater climate chaos
  • Protect groundwater and farmland
  • Increase the weight of local perspectives in land use planning
  • Ensure long-term supply of gravel, which is a finite resource

With the help of your donations, this campaign will:

  • Raise public awareness about the cumulative and devastating impacts of gravel mining on communities and the environment in Ontario
  • Organize people to demand MPPs and Ontario legislature candidates declare support for a moratorium before the provincial election scheduled for June 2022
  • Organize people to secure endorsements for the moratorium by their municipality before the municipal elections in October 2022

Please donate today to ensure a more sustainable and just tomorrow.