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As advertisers, marketers, storytellers and community leaders, we have identified an opportunity to give Nature a voice using the same methods and techniques used around the globe to sell brands, products and services. We are filling the void between those doing important work in support of our planet and the great many people who are often missed in the provision and delivery of critical messaging.

We seek to raise awareness, change attitudes and incite action on a massive scale. Please donate today!

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Connecting Canadians to Nature

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“We’ve failed big time,” Dr. Suzuki said of the environmental movement….we failed as a movement to change the underlying assumptions of society, the behavior of government and business people.”…Dr. Suzuki said he felt a lingering sense of failure.
Environmentalists had failed to change the way humans see themselves in relation to nature, he said. Businesses and politicians were still driven by economic growth at the environment’s expense.”

The New York Times October 23, 2023

Some Canadians know of the many organizations doing great work in this country in support of Nature, but far too many do not. They may be too busy to pay attention, tuned out or turned off by the tone and tenor of much of the messaging or are simply not being reached via current communications. We are committed to changing the way that we engage Canadians to raise awareness, change attitudes and ultimately effect Nature-positive actions at scale. In conjunction with our media partners, like Rogers Sports and Media, Adapt Media and others, we intend to put the advertising apparatus to work for our collective good.

Through this project, we are applying our skills and experience as marketers, advertisers and storytellers to highlight, explain and amplify the abundance of great work done by environmentalists, scientists and supporters across Canada and the world. We believe there is a massive opportunity to put the techniques, technologies and ecosystem hitherto devoted to selling products and services to work in support of our most important asset, Nature.

To create and deliver the sort of messaging required to reach – and resonate with – more Canadians, more often, we need your commitment to help. Please donate today: your donation is an investment in our drive to protect our collective future. Frankly, it’s up to us – all of us – to pitch in.


In partnership with Nature Agency.

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