Our goal is to extend the conversation about climate change and the environment. In particular, we are engaging older adults to become Lifelong Learners about climate action. We have a significant library of presentations and video recordings that detail the wide-ranging aspects of climate change. We want to make these materials accessible to everyone – for free! But we need your help to do so. Please donate today!

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Amplifying Climate Education for Lifelong Learners

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Climate change is the existential crisis of our time.  Our purpose is to bring Lifelong Learners together into the fight against climate change by providing them with learning opportunities to move from curiosity to knowledge to belief to action.

We have a significant video and presentation archive on the wide-ranging impacts of climate change.  We want to make these resources accessible to everyone. It’s important to us that there is no financial barrier to learning more about climate change.

Click Here for an example of a recent meeting with Jason Dion of the Canadian Climate Institute. We want to make content like this more widely available. Please help us increase the reach of our content with your generous donation!


In partnership with Climate Action for Lifelong Learners (CALL).

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