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Democracy issues are vital to protecting our environment – we must once and for all end the secrecy and backrooms deals that continue to go on in Stratford.

Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Toward a Sustainable Future for Stratford, Ontario

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In 2020, Get Concerned Stratford and Small Change Fund were part of the battle for accountability at Stratford City Hall, working to block a huge and inappropriate glass factory which would have taken 173 acres of prime farmland. Due to strong opposition demonstrated by the entire city, the Xinyi glass plant was blocked.

After successfully ending the campaign against the glass factory, Get Concerned Stratford redirected our efforts towards addressing misuse of process for environmental decisions at City Hall. This investigation revealed violations, illegal secret meetings, and a troubling attack on free speech. With the support of Small Change Fund, we’ve launched legal action to promote transparency and public awareness of Council decisions relating to the environment in Stratford, Ontario.

This isn’t our first legal challenge with Stratford City Hall, and with each instance, we deepen our understanding of municipal procedures. We’re eager to share our insights and experiences with others seeking transparency and fairness for the protection of our planet.

Join us in standing up for transparency and fairness in Stratford City Hall. Your support will help us continue our fight ensuring that community voices are heard and respected. Together, we can uphold our rights and hold our leaders accountable. Donate today. Every contribution counts towards building a more accountable and sustainable Stratford.

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