This project raises funds for coverage of Canada’s efforts to address the global threat of climate change through a steady flow of breaking news, exclusive exposés, longer-form feature and investigative content, and routine news reporting. Stories focus on climate change impacts, rapid decarbonization in energy and other sectors, and emission reductions that tie in with other major community priorities like jobs and incomes, health, housing, and inequality. A large share of the content addresses opinion leaders and changemakers outside the “bubble” of climate concern who can have an outsized impact in driving faster, deeper carbon cuts.

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The fight against global climate change has entered an important but complicated new phase.

For decades, the climate community has been focused on the what of global warming—setting targets, solidifying policies, adopting emergency resolutions and declarations, countering climate denial, and making the case for a fossil fuel phasedown while speeding up clean energy adoption.

But as the conversation shifts to how those emission reductions get done, the specifics matter. And they can get messy and complicated.

  • What happens when a “green” hydrogen plant meant to be powered by renewable energy ends up relying on coal?
  • If a fossil company “decarbonizes” by selling off oilfields or pipelines but not closing them, how does that reduce emissions?
  • If a hospital uses smart, green technology to save energy and reduce emissions, how can other public institutions get investment dollars to follow that good example?

The answers to those questions come from solid, responsible community journalism that digs into the details and puts the right content in the right hands at the right time to make a difference. But it only works when the community itself is willing to pay for the research, writing, editing, and distribution to tell the story and make sure it reaches people.

So let’s get this done together. Donate today.

The shift off carbon is starting to happen in finance, infrastructure, cities and communities, institutions, and households. But across all those areas and many more, the ability to hit an ambitious set of climate targets will depend on big and small choices that take place outside the “bubble” of climate concern and expertise. People in each of those groups need to know how they can contribute, why it matters, and how climate action will help them achieve all the other goals they’re responsible for.

With your generous support, we can deliver the climate ideas, news, tips, and solutions to help get carbon emissions under control. Donate today!

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