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Each Nature Walk and Workshop provides 30+ children, teachers and parents from socially and economically disadvantaged communities access to outdoor environmental education programs. Our aim is to provide 300+ individuals the opportunity to participate in our hands on, interactive programs that gives them unique access to the natural world, while directly engaging them in the preservation and enhancement of their local environment.

Lower Mainland BC, Victoria to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Nature Walks and Workshops

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With your support we are able to provide socially and economically disadvantaged school aged children, teachers and parents the ability to actively participate in environmental stewardship activities. These marginalized individuals are empowered to feel as though they have a key role to play in the health of their local natural spaces which is critical for the development of self-worth and an enduring love of the environment.

This project will foster a sense of shared responsibility for the preservation of the environment around us. It is critical to welcome those who are often overlooked or struggle to gain access into these spaces, because without support from individuals such as yourself, these types of learning and conservation activities would not be possible.

By engaging in active stewardship and conservation work, children, teachers and parents can see firsthand some of the issues that impact their local  environment. They also have the chance to develop solutions and see positive outcomes of conservation work they are actively involved in.

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