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We’re bringing activists, youth, musicians and Indigenous knowledge-keepers together to focus their collective creative energy on the climate crisis.

Donate today to help us engage and educate the public and generate solutions within our communities.

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

Every Day is Earth Day – Conversations around Music, Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Action

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We’re fighting the climate crisis through community and creativity! With your support, we can continue to unite activists, youth, musicians and Indigenous knowledge-keepers in the Annapolis Valley region of Nova Scotia to address the climate crisis. 

Our focus is to connect with and educate the public, as well as generate solutions together. To support our mission, we host a weekly Climate Song Lab where locals come together to sing, write and learn climate anthems, and share their anxieties about the climate crisis.

You can help us continue to bring the public together in a welcoming environment that embraces all cultures, voices, and knowledge, and encourages participants to embrace climate action as a community.

Climate change may be a global fight, but together we can win the local battle! Please donate today!