Nature United Press Release

Nature United Press Release
JULY 19, 2021 – A 2021 study led by Nature United confirmed the vital role natural climate solutions have to play in our fight against climate change.
The natural climate solutions investigated in the study can potentially reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by 11% of our current yearly emissions.
So what can we do to help? Unsurprisingly, Canadians need to defend and restore nature, as well as lobby for better management practices. We need to protect natural spaces – which trap and store greenhouse gases, green our farming practices, and plant trees in our urban spaces.
Natural climate solutions can be implemented immediately – there’s no need to wait for technology to be developed – and offer job opportunities to many sectors.
These study results provide clear direction for the ongoing battle against climate change and support what we at Small Change Fund have long known – we have to work with nature to save our planet for ourselves and future generations.
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