Buses, and Shuttles, and Trains, Oh my!

Buses, and Shuttles, and Trains, Oh my!

JULY 12, 2021 – When was the last time you thought about all the good that comes from the humble city bus? You may not realize it, but public transit benefits everyone, even those who never set foot on a bus or buy a train ticket.

The Government of Canada reported that 23% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced through transportation. A bus or train produces far less air pollution per passenger mile than a car, simply because more people can fit in a public transit vehicle. Additionally, the more people who ride public transit, the less cars there are on the road. This reduces congestion and pollution from idling vehicles.

Are you feeling short of time? Time spent on public transit is time back in your hands – you can read, work, or maybe even catch up on the latest episode of The Good Doctor.

For those unable to drive, public transportation provides access to doctors, schools, offices, and much more. It also saves users on costs associated with driving – for example, gas, maintenance, and parking.

With all this in mind, next time you reach for your car keys consider taking the bus instead!