Volunteer Spotlight: Bill James-Abra

Volunteer Spotlight: Bill James-Abra

APRIL 20, 2023 – Volunteer Bill James-Abra and a friend co-founded Climate Momentum in late 2018 over a cup of coffee in their favourite local cafe. Since then, the nonprofit has grown to include more volunteers and co-leaders and began a partnership with Small Change Fund in 2022 to work on reducing emissions in Stratford and Perth, ON. 

Bill began his volunteer career as a high schooler, handing out pamphlets for the United Farm Workers grape boycott. In the 80s, Bill was a member of Greenpeace and marched in anti-nuclear protests as a university student. His focus shifted to climate action with the birth of his grandchildren. 

“When I was holding my granddaughter for the first time, with my grandson looking on, I felt so clearly that I wanted to do something for them and their futures. I felt like I owed it to them,” said Bill. 

We are inspired by Bill’s commitment to a better future for his grandchildren. Thank you, Bill, for your dedication to making your community a greener one! 


Photo courtesy of Ann Baggley.