In order to stop the Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant from killing the Brook Trout, we need your help.

It appears development is to occur at any cost, whether it changes the face of the land forever or impacts the quality and quantity of water in a very special environmentally sensitive area.

There must be conversion from individual septic systems to a giant, $120 million+ wastewater treatment plant. The plant’s effluent diffuser is planned to enter the tiny West Credit River at the Winston Churchill culvert.

This location is problematic, as east of the culvert is a 150-year old Brook Trout hatchery, one of the finest in the world. Here, the seeps and springs provide clean cold water and the Brook Trout are healthy, with no gender modification as is occurring elsewhere (male Brook Trout have not been affected by absorption of endocrine disrupters in the West Credit water).  Changes of only a few degrees in temperature will kill the Brook Trout hatchery forever.

Belfountain, Ontario, Canada

Cut the Crap, Save the Credit

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Cut the Crap, Save the Credit

Belfountain is surrounded by three large new proposed development projects that are happening at the same time.   These are putting our water and environment at risk.  If ever there was a place where water needs protection –   it is Belfountain and the West Credit River.

Even though our hamlet is situated in the Greenbelt, the Niagara Escarpment and a UNESCO Biosphere, these important restrictions don’t seem to be enough to slow detrimental development.

In order to stop the Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant from killing the Brook Trout, we need your help.

The Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant effluent poses a significant challenge to the health of this highly sensitive reach of the West Credit River. Effluent from the plant will be dumped into the river near the spawning beds at the County line.

This area is habitat for native Brook Trout who require optimal water temperatures for survival. Brook trout are cold water fish, they rely on cold water seeps and springs to regulate water temperature. Optimal temperatures for Brook Trout are 14 degrees during hot summer months, 10 degrees in the fall for spawning and 6 degrees for egg development. Anything above these temperatures will stress the fish and impact the life cycle.

The Erin wastewater treatment plant will dump 172 cubic meters of effluent, at full build out daily, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thermal assessments conducted in related studies give the impression the effluent temperature stays under 19 degrees Celsius. Temperature limits and objectives for the effluent were not included in the ESR. There is no documentation that state how increased effluent temperatures will be mitigated. If water temperatures alone exceed 19 degrees in the summer, what happens to the Brook Trout then?

Help us protect our Brook Trout, donate today.

To accomplish this, we will need expertise from many professional resources, hydrogeology, aquatic ecology, water testing, legal representation. We cannot do this without professional recommendations and funding of approximately $100,000.

Please help us make this happen.


The convergence of these three projects has created the perfect storm for this community. There is so much to do and a short timeline to address all issues.

Protecting the unique environment of Belfountain will require the efforts of many, within and outside of our community.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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