Why Crowdfunding?

Why Crowdfunding?

JUNE 28, 2021 – You have the cause and the passion, but you don’t necessarily have the funds to make your vision happen. Enter crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a valuable tool in a non-profit or charity’s arsenal, but it isn’t always easy – that’s where Small Change Fund comes in.

First off, what exactly is crowdfunding? Quite simply, it is the process of raising required funds through multiple, typically smaller, donations. Unsurprisingly, the internet lends itself very handily to crowdfunding.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of crowdfunding is that it doesn’t just raise funds, it also raises awareness. Crowdfunding allows you to tell your story through vivid language and imagery and has the benefit of the “bandwagon” effect – when donors see other people supporting your cause, they’re more likely to chip in themselves.

The “crowd” aspect of crowdfunding is vital. You need to know who your target audience is, and build your campaign around connecting with them. Even before you launch your campaign you should build hype and awareness around your cause within your core community. As your campaign progresses, don’t forget to communicate with the people who have backed your cause. Updates are a great way to keep donors feeling connected.

Our partners benefit not only from Small Change Fund’s platform but our team of people who utilize our combined experience, knowledge, and connections to support and elevate campaigns. To discuss partnering with us on an environmental or Indigenous campaign, please reach out to info@smallchangefund.ca.