Welcome, Mike!

Welcome, Mike!

MAY 11, 2023 –

We are delighted to introduce Mike Balkwill as VP, Campaigns and Engagement. Over the last few years, Mike has played a critical role in numerous Small Change Fund projects, and we are thrilled to have him join us in this new capacity.  

Mike develops effective campaign and advocacy strategies to impact public policy, as well as shift decision-makers towards policies that support our charitable objects. His approach to campaigning inspires hope: in 40 years of campaign and community organizing, he has supported numerous communities in opposing development projects that were “done deals” and has won countless victories with broad public benefits. 

“While a campaign to mobilize broad public engagement won’t guarantee a community can win, failure is guaranteed if they don’t fight back,” says Mike. 

Mike agrees with Herve Kempf, author of How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth, when Kempf writes:

 “…the future success of everything depends [on environmentalists] thinking about social arrangements and power relationships; [and for] those who think about social arrangements to take the true measure of the ecological crisis and how it relates to justice.” 

Mike splits his time between Toronto and Guelph, Ontario where he has played an instrumental role in the success of our partners, the Water Watchers. When not working towards environmental and social justice, Mike spends his time perfecting a rock opera which will be performed this summer in Guelph.