Update: Stop Sprawl in Peel Region

Update: Stop Sprawl in Peel Region

APRIL 8, 2022 – Yesterday, the Peel Planning and Growth Committee elected to move forward with the urban boundary expansion. While disappointing, this news is not the end for the stop sprawl movement in Peel! 

The Committee is taking the Official Plan to General Council next Thursday, April 14th. You can still support us in our fight to save thousands of acres by donating here and watching for updates from our partners, Stop Sprawl Peel

There is clear support to save this land from development in Peel Region. As Stop Sprawl Peel shared in their update: 

More than 25 delegates spoke passionately about the issue, from teachers to scientists, farmers to doctors and a range of residents sharing positive and personal perspectives for their love of Peel Region, what we must protect, how we can grow and how we can do better, all with NO Urban Boundary expansion. In addition, over 700 letters and emails were to the Committee!

Help us fight to protect this land from urban sprawl, advocate for smart growth and support environmentally-friendly and walkable communities.