The Climate Baby Dilemma

The Climate Baby Dilemma

OCTOBER 30, 2023 – What does it mean to have children in the midst of a climate crisis? This is the question Dr. Britt Wray poses in The Climate Baby Dilemma, a CBC documentary that brings the climate emergency to a whole new level of personal. The film covers ample ground in its 45 minute run time, incorporating nuanced perspectives on power and privilege and exploring how the history of different populations shapes conversations about ‘climate babies.’

As host, Britt centres the conversation around her own experience contemplating motherhood in the face of climate disaster, and how alienated she felt to be drawing the connection.

But she’s far from the only one to do so. The documentary features several individuals, from those concerned about safely carrying a pregnancy to term in extreme heat conditions, to those questioning whether it’s ethical to bring new life into a world with an uncertain future. For a topic as personal, and often overwhelming, as parenthood, climate change has added another layer of concern.

The mental health crisis within the climate crisis is a growing, but mostly unacknowledged, phenomenon. In 2021, Britt co-authored a pioneering study on the psychological impacts of climate change, surveying 10,000 16-25 year olds in 10 countries. Among its most concerning findings, 75% said “the future is frightening” and 39% reported that climate change makes them hesitant to have their own children.

Britt and her team continue to be at the forefront of responding to this multilayered crisis and Small Change Fund is proud to partner on such groundbreaking work. Please consider donating towards this critical cause and sharing the film with your friends and family.

The Climate Baby Dilemma is hosted by Dr. Britt Wray and directed, produced and written by Victoria Lean. The film was screened at Toronto’s Planet in Focus film festival on October 19th, during which Britt was awarded the 2023 Canadian Eco-Hero award.