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You want to change something, or support the people doing it. Great. That’s the first step. But what’s the next one?

Small Change Fund is the quick, easy and effective way for communities across Canada to amplify their impact with expert advice, greater awareness and crowdfunding. And for people with vision to get behind them.

Awareness, action, results. The next step in change.

Join us in being the next step in change!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Small Change Fund is the next step in change. But as you know, next steps in the world of fundraising and change-making, especially in these rocky times, are never sure. Yet like our partners, we continue to plunge forward, hiring people to write and program and administrate, and constantly trying new strategies and ideas. And so far, our mix of strategy, stubbornness and singlemindedness — that small can do big things — has let us keep saying yes to people all over Canada who, like the song says, can’t sleep when their beds are burning. The more solid and sure we are, the more partners we can help, the more change they can bring.

Will you help us with a donation, to keep the change coming?

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