Newsletter: December 2023

Newsletter: December 2023

DECEMBER 20, 2023 –

We’re closing out the year with a few words from our home staff team members. Our home team has more than doubled over the past year – a testament to the enormous growth Small Change Fund is continuing to experience. We couldn’t do this work without you, our supporters, partners, friends and donors, so thank you!

I’ve been told that I care too deeply about too many things. This isn’t entirely untrue. I care passionately about animal welfare, conservation, the environment and social equity. But also about preserving history, and supporting music and art. How do you stay involved in so many causes?

One of the best parts of my job is working on a wide variety of projects. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that I’m playing at least a minor part in advancing so many different initiatives – from helping green the music industry, to stopping offshore drilling by Sable Island, to using comedy to fight climate change and helping high school students get equal access to opportunities through Get on the Bus.

– Abbie

It is wonderful to experience this new chapter I find myself in. As a member of Small Change Fund, I am excited to bring my unique perspective and experiences to the table. Growing up in the Philippines, I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of climate change and the urgent need for action. As part of the Small Change Fund team, it is a privilege to learn more from my colleagues and our partners and I am grateful to work with these people and witness their remarkable contributions. It is a true honour to collaborate with individuals who are deeply passionate about environmental conservation.

– Abigail

I am hopelessly optimistic. That may be an odd thing to say in a year full of war, absurd US politics, and unprecedented global warming. Yet, after 35 years of doing this work, I still see bright spots that give me hope: we won the Greenbelt fight in Ontario, over two million hectares of old growth forests were protected in B.C., oil exploration was prohibited in Nova Scotia, and our grassroots partners won many fights.

My wish list for 2024 is long and ambitious, from climate to conservation and Indigenous rights. This ambition is driven by a firm belief in the power of activism and people. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference and it’s better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in our heads.

– Burkhard

In my short time with Small Change Fund I have been so inspired by all of the amazing work across the country! As a grassroots community organizer in Toronto, I am grateful for the opportunity to use my skills to bridge the gap between my social justice background and the environmental movement happening across the province.

This fall, I have been especially inspired by the work to stop sprawl in Hamilton, climate action in Halton Hills and, of course, the Keep the Greenbelt Promise campaign. It’s an amazing experience to witness firsthand how collective action can result in real wins when you are organized and working together!

– Jen

Community is where it’s at. I’ve been with Small Change Fund over a year now, and I am inspired every day by people across the country putting their time, effort and funds into saving their home places and helping others. There is warmth here. Caring amongst the staff, respect and appreciation for our supporters and our partners – even when we get stretched sometimes, or make mistakes. Good change is possible, when good people get involved.

– Kim

Have Flip Chart, Will TraveI. My role gives me the opportunity to travel to communities across Ontario to support people defending their local environment from unnecessary extraction or development. In the last eight months, I have travelled from the shores of Lake Huron to the Burnt Lands alvar in Carp, and many points in between. In every place I meet inspiring people who are leading campaigns to protect land, preserve the Greenbelt, stop unnecessary highways and defend the health and safety of their communities.

I have been doing this work for forty years. It never gets old. Every day I learn more
about the challenges people and communities face as the climate crisis becomes more visible, and I am inspired by the strength and resilience everyone brings. I look forward to working with you in your community in the months and years to come.

– Mike

This past year was a transitional one for me. I like to call it moving from “High Finance” to “Small Change”. I’ve worked as a CFO in the for-profit world for many years but never for a non-profit. I wanted to be a part of something special; I wanted to contribute to and help a team achieve something impactful. Working at Small Change Fund, alongside our incredible partners, allows me to do just that.

– Robert

The Public Voice Fund helped me find my voice. Coming from an accounting background, I was afraid I’d be an outsider but Small Change Fund and the Public Voice Fund made me feel like family. Their warm welcome created a place where I can work passionately on amplifying the voices often overlooked in government relations. Working with this team has been a journey of genuine joy, and one where I feel like I can authentically make a true difference. For that I will be eternally grateful.

– Sarah

We deeply appreciate all of our supporters and, with our partners, continue to work to provide excellent results. We look forward to more successes across Canada in 2024, thanks to your help!
From all of us at Small Change Fund (spread across two provinces, three countries and two continents!), we wish you a joyous holiday season.

P.S. A few additional notes to wrap up 2023!

The end of the year is fast approaching – there is still time to make a donation to Small Change Fund or to a favourite project and receive a 2023 tax receipt.
Thank you for your support! All the best for 2024.