Climate Discussion ‘al fresco’

Climate Discussion ‘al fresco’

JULY 18, 2022 – Today, 40 climate justice organizers and advocates participated in our Climate HUB’s picnic and facilitated discussion in sunny Vancouver. 

HUB team members Jacqueline, Sam, Naomi, Michelle and Sameen led the discussion about the current state of the climate justice movement, how much more power needs to be built towards systems change and how we can build that base together. 

From left to right: Michelle, Sam, Sameen, Naomi, Jacqueline.

The conversation covered big picture movement ideas informed by research, personal organizing experience and historical perspectives to help climate justice organizers consider where they’re at in the movement-building cycle. 

Jacqueline, Small Change Fund staff member and director of the HUB, described the event: “The climate justice community showed up with so much joy to be together in real space again on a beautiful summer evening. Thanks so much for coming out everyone and we can’t wait to continue to follow the great work you’re doing!”