With your support we can provide landowners, many of them retiring farmers, with the knowledge and information to protect their land from development or agribusiness.

We can help ensure their property is secured for generations to come, heals and regenerates the land, and grows food sustainably.

Be part of the change, be part of the solution, and be part of a better future for our food systems.

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British Columbia, Canada

Your Land, Your Legacy. Help save the land that sustains us.

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In the next few years, thousands of acres of arable land in British Columbia will change hands, as hundreds of farmers and ranchers retire.

At the same time, aspiring young farmers struggle to access land because the real estate value of farmland is at an all-time high.

Farmers who love and nurture their land have put heart and soul into it, often for several generations.

But for those soon-to-retire farmers who have no heirs, or whose children do not want to continue farming, there’s a dilemma: the very real prospect of their land being sold and used for development or agribusiness.

Wealthy investors covet farmland for money-making potential. Profit, not the community good, is the underlying goal.

The challenge is, farmers who are interested in donating their land in trust have to navigate a quagmire of technical and legal language and different levels of government.

Our new guide, “Your Land, Your Legacy”, will make a huge difference by clarifying and simplifying the various steps and options available for farmers, to ensure their much-loved land stays in good hands for future generations.

Please donate today!

Be part of the change, be part of the solution, and be part of a better future for our food systems.

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