The Great Lakes are truly that…great. And we want to showcase that. With your donations, you can can help us develop a program/show documenting the natural beauty of the Great Lakes Region and showcasing how sustainable living and tourism can be both affordable and “good business”.

Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Showcasing Natural Beauty and Sustainability of the Great Lakes Region

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The Great Lakes are truly that…great. There is beauty in Niagara’s natural waterways, from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie along the Niagara River. There is beauty in the abundance of forests, ponds, streams and other tributaries as part of the Great Lakes’ system. These natural beauties also provide sustainability to inhabitants from the past to current day. It’s this uniqueness that draws and sustains creatures big and small, local families and visitors, commerce, arts and trade, that must be preserved and cherished to continue to provide balanced opportunities for livelihood in a sustainable way.

Farming, housing, movement and processes that highlight and work with this uniqueness and beauty should be recognized and promoted through broadcast media. Sharing these initiatives will continue to foster sustainability and maintain our natural resources and optimal lifestyles for future generations to thrive.

You can help showcase the natural beauty and sustainability of this great and thriving area. Please help by donating today!