Ontario is losing farmland at the rate of 319 acres per day.  In 2022 we convinced Halton Regional Council to save 5,000 acres of Class 1 farmland from development. In November the Ontario Housing Minister overturned Halton’s Official Plan, adding 8,300 acres for new development outside Halton’s current urban boundaries. With more than 1,000 supporters, we will push to keep those acres safe and green well into the future.

Halton Region, Ontario, Canada

Save 5,000 Acres of Farmland in Halton

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In its Official Plan Reviews, Halton Region has approved nearly 10,000 acres of farmland for urban development. There has been nothing built yet on much of this land. If is developed wisely, there will be enough land to accommodate growth until 2051. But it will require building more sustainable compact communities within our urban boundaries to create vibrant, walkable communities with residential, employment, and recreation spaces. In November, 2022 the Ontario Housing Minister overturned Halton’s decision not to expand the urban boundary and added 8,300 acres for new development. This land is not needed to accommodate the projected population growth. We don’t need another land grab for the benefit of developers.

Suburban sprawl costs us all. New developments require plenty of expensive infrastructure, including miles of roads, sewers and hydro. Bill 23 has reduced the fees developers must pay to municipalities to cover these costs. As a result, the local taxpayer will have to pick up the tab.  Intensification within current boundaries would bring in a larger tax base using existing infrastructure, increase ridership for transit systems, reduce car dependency and carbon emissions, and offers residents safer, healthier lives. “Gentle density and mixed use” makes housing more affordable and lowers taxes.

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