A tax on sidewalks? Are you kidding?

Sort of.

After all, who would tax you for using something that puts less exhaust in the air, contributes to wellness, and lowers the health care costs we’ll pay today and tomorrow… all while fighting climate change?

The government of Saskatchewan, that’s who. Because on October 1st, that’s what they did by becoming the first government in Canada to charge an annual tax on EVs (Electric Vehicles). Support the delay of Saskatchewan’s EV Tax today and donate.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan Sidewalk Tax: It’s Time to Foot the Bill

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What do EVs do for us? How much time have you got?

— They produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than gas-powered cars over the life cycle

— They produce no direct emissions while driving

— They can run on 100% sustainable, renewable resources

— They save energy, by being up to four times more energy-efficient than conventional vehicles

— They put more money into pockets and the economy with lower operating and maintenance costs

EVs are better for everyone. You know, just like sidewalks.

We are concerned about this big move backward by the government of Saskatchewan, especially since so many other places are encouraging people to drive EVs.

But we get it.

Since EV owners don’t pay the fuel tax that helps with road maintenance, a lot of people think they should pay their fair share of road upkeep. And we agree!

So here’s our fair-for-everyone idea:

We think Saskatchewan should delay the tax until there are enough EVs here to make the tax do more good than bad.

The fair number? 1.3%.

California has a similar EV tax. But they waited until 1.3% of their vehicles were EVs to charge it, letting EV popularity catch on and pay bigger dividends. We propose the same: keep this tiny “incentive” of no tax in place until 10,500 EVs, or 1.3% of all light-duty vehicles, are on the roads of Saskatchewan.

We need your help to support electrification of vehicles in Saskatchewan for the health of the economy, people, and the planet. So please donate today.

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