Join Protecting Talisman Lands Association and Small Change Fund in Protecting the Beaver Valley 

The Beaver Valley, part of the UNESCO Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve, is a beautiful, natural, and very unique part of Ontario BUT a large swath of publicly owned, undeveloped land, 133 acres, has been sold by the Municipality of Grey Highlands to a GTA investment firm. The Escarpment, Beaver River, and prime farmland are now under the threat of development from condos, short-term rentals, and mega homes, which will forever ruin the unparalleled views and the greenspace we all love.

The former Talisman Resort, located adjacent to these lands, is owned by another company and is already undergoing reasonably sized development, this deal won’t change that. What it does change is the community’s rural character, bucolic views, and the public’s access to hiking, snowmobiling, and water.

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Beaver Valley, Grey County, Canada

Protecting the Beaver Valley

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A GTA investment firm, Westway Capital, has bought 133 acres of greenspace and farmland in the heart of the Beaver Valley. In a secret deal, the Municipality of Grey Highlands Council sold these public lands to Westway at below-market prices – only $1 million for 75 acres of lush Beaver River waterfront and $1.5 million for 59 acres of prime farmland with spectacular views of Old Baldy at the top of the hill. A deal that is well-below market values and that was endorsed by Council despite wide-spread community opposition and a stated preference for conservation and caring for the environment.


This deal is not about Talisman, the resort we knew and loved. The ski hill and the original lodge building properties continue to be owned by another company and are undergoing reasonably sized development. We are concerned about the development of the green space all around it.

Instead of sweetheart deals, we need good jobs and new development that respects farmers, the Escarpment, and the environment. The possibility of hundreds of dump trucks, condos, mega homes, and thousands of people and cars – is not what the people of Grey Highlands want or deserve.

We can Save the Beaver Valley – the area that we love.

This project is in partnership with Protecting Talisman Lands Association.

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