Help us build habitat and promote pollinator health throughout the Township of Severn! We are collaborating with the municipality and private landowners to restore and/or enhance underutilized or vacant spaces within the region as pollinator-friendly environments. 

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Severn, ON, Canada

Promoting Pollinator Friendly Habitat

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In recent years, many insect populations have declined globally. We’re witnessing this with precious pollinator species right in our own backyards. These pollinators are crucial to helping us produce local foods and create beautifully blooming gardens among our outdoor living spaces. A few of the leading factors in pollinator species decline are habitat loss or degradation, continued use of pesticides (including mosquito spraying) and the growing effects of a changing climate.

Our goal is to create valuable pollinator habitat by converting underutilized or vacant spaces across the municipality of Severn (northwest of Orillia, Ontario). Such restorations will include roadsides, rights-of-ways and park spaces. Your donation can help transform this land for the good of our local pollinators and communities.

We’ll also be providing various outreach activities, for example, instructing landowners in how to design and build habitats. We will provide our communities with guidance on what native wildflower species are suitable to plant and which non-native species are safe to grow in a garden.

This project will also help identify which areas in the Township are “pollination deserts,” where very little forage is available, and address the “drought” by introducing nectar sources to these areas.The saying is true: “if you build it, they will come”. Every little bit of habitat helps!

Please donate today to support our precious local pollinators! Your support is very much appreciated, thank you!