Join us in supporting Afghan refugee families as they settle in Canada. Your contributions will enable these new Canadians to thrive as they become part of the social and economic fabric of Canada.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Helping Newcomers Thrive – Tearing Down the Tech Barrier

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Since August of 2021, and the hostile takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, thousands of Afghans have had to flee for their lives. Leaving everything behind, they fled to unwelcome surrounding countries and have slowly been arriving to safety here in Canada.

Why are their lives in danger from the Taliban? Because they supported and worked with Canadian troops and non-government agencies in Afghanistan. Interpreters, chefs, drivers, teachers, womens rights and gender rights activists.

In our support work of Afghan newcomers, we have met female judges, lawyers, tailors, female athletes. All of them grateful to be welcomed into Canada.

They all expressed the same need – a laptop. There is only so much you can do on a phone. Applying for work, creating a resume, filling out forms for appointments, school work. For those things, you need a laptop.

Purchasing refurbished laptops through TechSoup Canada, we aim to give 1 laptop per family to 150 Afghan refugee families.

We also assist in providing low-barrier and low environmental footprint support for Afghan newcomers including day-to-day necessities and critical information to help them navigate the challenges of finding employment and accessing health services.

Join us in supporting these new Canadians. Your contributions will enable them to thrive as they become part of the social and economic fabric of Canada.