It’s no easy feat to tackle waste management and making this topic fun and engaging is even harder. However, through educational workshops catered to high school volunteers across the province of Ontario, this issue has turned from daunting to dazzling!

We are educating and engaging the leaders of tomorrow through themed events around topics of “fast fashion”, composting and e-waste. Our hands-on workshops create practical, easy and fun solutions to daily waste management issues.

Please consider donating, for your future and ours.

Together we can build a Greener Tomorrow!

Ontario, Canada

Experiential Waste Management Education – Events Booster Fund

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Waste management is a crucial aspect of the current climate emergency. However, this topic is particularly challenging to tackle as it can often feel boring or daunting.

But what if we could make learning about waste management education fun?

Your donation will ensure that high school students across Ontario have access to a high-quality, hands-on, engaging and FUN waste management curriculum.

Our interactive themed series covers a range of topics such as “fast fashion”, greenwashing, composting, food insecurity, e-waste, and technological solutions. Students will learn practical and easy ways to reduce their waste-creating habits in their daily lives. Workshop activities include creating t-shirt tote bags, word cloud activities and competitive quizzes. Students will also gain valuable networking and career-building skills.

With your help, we can invest in a greener tomorrow, today. Please donate.