We all want a healthy and prosperous region where your voice matters and is heard. That’s why we formed Friends of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

We are uniting our voices to advocate for good land-use planning, affordable housing, sustainable transportation, productive farmland, and lively natural areas. 

To do so, we need better provincial policies. Help us prepare our region for a golden future. Please donate today.

Greater Golden Horseshoe Region, Ontario, Canada

Better Planning for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

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This region-wide effort to address policies on planning, environment and affordable housing is led by David Crombie with participants from multiple sectors. David’s experience as municipal leader and cabinet minister lends itself well for the work. We are calling for changes that accommodate growth inside urban boundaries, that focus growth around major transit corridors, and that allow for affordable housing and multi-residential buildings. 

We are engaging in policy analysis and sharing this common vision for the region.  We then motivate, advocate, communicate, encourage and lobby. You can be a part of this movement. 

Across our region, Stop Sprawl grassroots campaigns are sprouting. Led by dedicated and caring residents, the success of these groups highlights a growing demand for an alternative to inefficient and polluting sprawl. 

It is possible to grow the Greater Golden Horseshoe with more affordable housing, good transit and local food. Help us achieve a healthy, prosperous region where your voice matters. Please donate today.

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Susan Lloyd Swail $100 April 21, 2022 4:04 pm