Environmental educator Carol Crowe (winner of the 2022 ECO Impact EP Impact Award) explores the groundbreaking conservation work of her Mohawk/Algonquin Auntie, Anahareo, who together with her English husband, Archie Belaney (a.k.a. Grey Owl), is credited with saving the North American beaver from extinction.  Grey Owl is shrouded in controversy today.  Yet his work with Anahareo is currently inspiring “beaver champions” across North America (and Europe) who are working to restore the beaver to re-build ecosystems and combat climate change.   We see this broadly populist film as an excellent teaching tool for elementary to university classrooms, facilitated by teachers and instructors.

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Beaver Champions

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Our film will tell the fascinating story of the “Making of Grey Owl,” largely through the eyes of his indigenous wives and communities who opened the book of nature for him to learn.  It was the Temagami First Nation who first adopted Grey Owl through marriage and gave him his name.  But it was Anahareo who encouraged him to quit trapping and write about the threatened wilderness that he loved.  Indeed, Grey Owl and Anahareo can legitimately be called the world’s first environmentalist superstars

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They promoted indigenous conservation in the industrialized west, seeking to re-connect the urban populace with nature, and they used Canada’s national animal, the beaver, to argue their cause.  That the beaver is a keystone species is now widely accepted.   As the world heats up, the beaver (the water protectors) is  now considered a vital partner in combating drought, wildfires and flooding – all the weather extremes intensified by global warming.

Please support our team with Carol and veteran filmmaker Peter Blow as we explore the extraordinary life and legacy of the first “Beaver Champions”, and the crucial importance of traditional indigenous knowledge as our nation not only grapples with reconciliation but strives to build a shared sustainable future.

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