We are launching a noise pollution awareness campaign in advance of the City of Toronto’s Noise Bylaw Review this fall to create a healthier city with a better quality of life.

Help us create a communications campaign that educates the public, elected officials and the City of Toronto about the noise that we live with and solutions that will help reduce the detrimental effects of Urban Noise.

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Toronto, Canada

A Less Noisy Toronto = A Better Quality of Life. Help us Reduce Vehicle Noise in Toronto!

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According to the World Health Organization, noise is the #2 urban environmental health hazard, right after air pollution. Noise from vehicles is the biggest contributor, and the most common complaint. The Toronto bylaw review is our opportunity to advocate for changes that we will live with for the foreseeable future.

According to Toronto Public Health, over 92% of Toronto residents are exposed to a noise decibel level that exceeds the World Health Organization’s recommended level for a restful, restorative sleep. Help us reach as many people as possible with our message of hope and encouragement to let the City of Toronto and elected officials know that we want and need change.

While many of us are bothered by excessive noise, certain residents are also exposed to higher levels of traffic noise and burdened with the highest levels of health impacts. Residents on lower incomes are often forced to live on busy streets, and closer to industrial areas. Additionally, auditory cues for the visually impaired are muffled when navigating through our city. Those who are noise sensitive are impacted beyond the health impacts described by the World Health Organization. One thing we all have in common: none of us have a defense against noise. We can’t close our ears.

Transportation and buildings are the #1 and #2 contributors to greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Modified mufflers often reduce or completely eliminate the emission controls of the exhausts on vehicles, increasing GHG emissions.  And noise can keep people inside with their windows closed, increasing the use of air conditioning. By reducing noise, we are not only improving our health, we are helping the planet.

Please donate to help us amplify the voices of Toronto residents, and to help build a healthier and happier city.


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